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Initiative Information

River City Credit Union and Beaumont Credit Union are investigating the concept of amalgamation to form a new organization. Together we are conducting due diligence to and analyzing all of the relevant information. This will be the place for members to find the most up to date and accurate information and will be continually updated as new information becomes available.

Please contact us with any ideas, issues, questions or concerns.

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Future Vision and Benefts to Members

Members will immediately benefit from a larger more diverse credit union that is able to offer a wealth of growth opportunities and specialized services including: small business, wealth management and increased share of wallet expansion. The size of the new organization will also allow for greater management expertise and succession planning that will provide greater stability and executive leadership to the credit union’s various functions and business lines.

For members this will also mean enhanced service with additional locations to access in- person branch service, access to a larger network of ATMs and extended call center hours. Members will also have access to more specialists to help navigate the intricacies of more complex products and to reach out for support regarding questions or concerns.

By leveraging the new credit union’s scale and taking advantage of the strategic capacity that will be generated, the new credit union will differentiate itself on the basis of its service, advice to members and its connection and commitment to the community. The strategic focus of the combined credit union will include communications, collaboration and alignment as operations are integrated. Additionally, the new credit union will have the capacity to increase its support for risk management and administrative functions to ensure that the assets of our members continue to be protected.

The merger will create new economies of scale with a concentrated focus on maintaining financial stability and increased long-term viability driven by enhanced profitability and the ability to leverage technology, new avenues for business growth, expanded services and returns for the members defining success in terms of membership growth, member satisfaction and increased brand awareness across the communities we serve. Finally it is anticipated that all members will be excited that the credit union is staying in the communities we serve and to be part of a larger, stronger, growing financial institution.

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